Michelle Howden

Michelle Howden

Oh Boy, I wish I didn't start looking at this site....it is a little addictive!
Michelle Howden
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XBox 360 Brass Bullet Casing Buttons  Pro Install by ParacordGuru

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Active Verb Cheatsheet: 115 word alternatives for "walks."

To counter one of the most abused words in (screen)writing, Go Into The Story has put together 115 word alternatives to the active verb “walks.” Enrich your vocabulary with some more unusual synonyms to everyday words.I NEEDED THIS THANK

Close Reading Strategies

This chart displays close reading strategies. It includes paraphrasing, summarizing, asking critical questions, analyzing, and evaluating. These are all important skills for learning comprehension!

Blooms Taxonomy Questioning Poster

Bloom& Taxonomy / new teacher evaluations require evidence of lesson planning for higher level thinking ~ I like thinking of it as a ladder and not a pyramid. All students can get to the top, with a pyramid it feels like only a few can.