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That's a real animal friendship. They were on a PBS Documentary for 'Odd Animal Relationships." ..Or something Like that

So cute ! Same things happened at Busch Gardens Tampa we went and saw the baby cheetah and puppy and when we came back there was pics of them all grown up together -Samantha Tirse

Jane Goodall

Young Jane Goodall with her dog, Rusty. Before she went to Tanzania to study wild chimpanzees at age she worked as a London film studio assistant and as a waitress.Rusty look like my first dog Shelia

Dian Fossey's last diary entry before her senseless murder. She's a truly inspiring individual.

Dian Fossey - Photograph by Robert I. Campbell Dian Fossey spent 18 tempestuous years studying endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda's Virunga Volcanoes. She was also devoted to their care and protection.

Incredible Images Show The Bond Between Endangered Gorillas And Their Caretakers : #wildlife

Hunting: The gorillas are also vulnerable to poachers, who make their way through the parks. Pictured: Ranger Andre Baunma with a gorilla who has been orphaned and is now being cared for at the Mikeno Lodge, Virunga National Park


Diego and Leah, two Goeldi monkeys at the Saskatoon Zoo and Forestry Farm, are parents to a baby girl. Shortly after Ashley’s mother and the two other monkeys were killed , a unit was sent ou…

Monkey adopts kitten in Wild. Are you KIDDING me!!

A wild monkey has stunned animal lovers after it adopted an abandoned kitten and cared for it as his own. The young long-tailed macaque monkey was spotted in a forest protectively nuzzling and grooming the ginger kitten, making sure no harm came t.