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Raising or working with kids with ADHD requires you to operate from a different…

Raising or working with kids with ADHD requires you to operate from a different handbook. Here are 5 expectations that won't work with kids with ADHD.

ADHD and Anger in Children | Relationship Between ADHD and Anger

Many kids with ADHD struggle with anger. Learn why your child with ADHD may frequently lose her temper, and what you can do to help manage angry outbursts.

Be kind. Use your words. From your mouth. In English. Follow instructions. Always try.

ADHD HACKS: 4 rules we have for our ADHD Child - Parenting hacks - parenting ADHD kids - behavior management - special needs parenting - house rules - Family rules

Good morning. - Lecia McFarlane - Google+

Good morning. - Lecia McFarlane - Google+

A prayer for when your child struggles in school. Anxiety, misunderstanding, and fear happen to many children who have a tough time at school.

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