wooden box centerpiece

Brides: Wooden Box Centerpieces with Dahlias. The centerpieces were wooden boxes filled with vibrant chrysanthemums and dahlias. All wedding flowers were by Peony & Plum Floral Design.

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Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Tray (for table) of Succulents! Exotic Blooms Arrangement: King protea, sea holly, succulents, red cone ginger, and cymbidium orchids nestled in stained pine boxes are a rustic approach to a summery centerpiece.


I'd definitely give the bridesmaids simple lavender bouquets for a purple wedding. Beautiful and fragrant!

20′s-Inspired Art Deco Wedding: Kara + Chris

20′s-Inspired Art Deco Wedding: Kara + Chris

Kangaroo Paw "Bush Dance". Such a beautiful and drought resistant plant.

Kangaroo Paw: Anigozanthos 'Bush Dance' [Family: Haemodoraceae] - A beautiful and drought-resistant Australian native plant.

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In Bloom: Wax Flower

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The brides lavender bouquet was dressed with vintage velvet ribbon Photos byLittle White Dress Flowers byMindy Rice Floral Design - Project Wedding -I would have this as a bridesmaid boquet.


Benn & Renette’s Picnic Wedding