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Real Meals: Pear & Vanilla Jam

Pear & Vanilla Jam

Pear and Vanilla Jam This is just a small addition and adaption to Birgit's recipe in the Fed Up cookbook. Most of the frillypantii love this jam and guests are always intrigued. As if I've created jam from some exotic fruit. Everyone loves it and it's probably because it's such a subtle flavour. I added vanilla when I saw a 'gourmet jam' for a squillion dollars in a deli. 'Pear and vanilla'. The second time I made it was for the school's Easter Fair. I was going to take pity on the stall…

Failsafe dim sims

Gluten free dim sims

As it turns out, I am pregnant again (with number 4, am I crazy?!) and craving dim sims. I am going through them like they’re going out of fashion, additives, preservatives, msg and all. The …

Domestic Diva: Lasagne – My Big Batch Failsafe Version with pizza garlic bread.

Lasagne – My Big Batch Failsafe Version

My son's absolute favourite meal is lasagne. When my children ask what is for dinner when this is on the menu, the response is always "Garfield's favourite!" and they know exactly what is coming. Of course lasagne is traditionally made on a base of tomatoes and topped with cheese, my recipe is completely without both. [...]

Domestic Diva: Failsafe BBQ Dipping Sauce

BBQ Sauce – Failsafe

We actually had a huge catastrophe recently! We had run out of Pear Ketchup!! Gasp! I had actually let our sacred supply slip. Then to make matters worse, half way through cooking I went to get the brown sugar only to discover that had run dry too! Oh dear, colour drained from my face, Miss 6 [...]

Failsafe Banana Bread

Failsafe Banana Bread | Grain Free Living

Failsafe Banana Bread


Failsafe Beef Samosas with Pear Chutney

Trying to get creative with some more food for my littlest non-eater, I started experimenting with more meals to do with pastry or "pie crust" as she loving calls it. Then I remembered I have a set of 3 different sized samosa makers that I purchased 10 or more years ago and are hiding in [...]

Kersten's Kitchen: Gluten Free, dairy free, Failsafe Hot Cross Buns

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Recipes are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and more, low salicylates and low amines. Suitable during RPAH Elimination and Failsafe Diet.

Domestic Diva: Creamy Garlic Chicken and Seafood Pizza

Creamy Garlic Chicken and Seafood Pizza

Pizza is an all time favourite at our place. It becomes a family activity, everyone rolls out their own base and puts their pizza toppings on. It's a fun way to get the kids in the kitchen and they can't blame me for how it turns out since they made it, lol! Miss 4 loves calamari [...]

Domestic Diva: Microwave white sauce.

Chicken Enchilada’s

A failsafe recipe for my non-thermomix owners. Yes, I actually did this the traditional way! This is the main meal I served for dinner to go with the Honeycomb Cheesecake. Even though we had guests, I broke all the rules and cooked 2 meals I had never made before and I had fun creating. So [...]

Domestic Diva: failsafe Lamb Meat Pies

Lamb Meat Pies

It's Australia Day tomorrow! Amongst the madly preparing for school going back in two days time, baking and covering books, I asked my family what they would like to eat on Australia Day. I loved their first choice... MEAT PIES! Yes! I even had some lamb in the freezer and some pastry sheets, including a [...]

Vanilla Salted Chicken in the Varoma

Vanilla Salted Chicken in the Varoma

With the warmer summer months coming upon us, the thought of having the oven on for hours to cook a whole chicken was not appealing at all. Especially on Christmas day! Steaming a whole chook in the Varoma sounds like such a much better idea. I followed the basic technique for cooking a whole chicken in the Varoma from the [...]

Domestic Diva: Chicken and Dairy Free “Ricotta” Lasagne Rolls

Chicken and Dairy Free “Ricotta” Lasagne Rolls

A while back I pinned on pinterest a link to making your own ricotta from tofu, unfortunately the link connected to it has since been removed and I couldn't find it again. We are not dairy free, so it was not on my high priority list of things to try. Recently there was a bit [...]