Make some Animals from Cut Paper Snowflakes.....there's gotta be a children's book to go with this!

In my post Cutting / Making Snowflakes, I covered the steps it takes to fold and cut paper snowflakes. In Turn your Snowflakes into a Snowflake Snowman, I took the snowflake a bit further, when I g.

Obleeek Objects cement interior design pots

Inspiration: We will be stocking Handmade Cement & Plaster products @ The Bohemian Batch™

This would be a neat idea, especially for decorating/adding accents to a less than exciting reception site. Maybe make paper mache around a ballon, then punch personal design. Comments also list some other possible DIY plans

Moonstruck Light--Not available for purchase I'm thinking you'd have to make a paper mache ball, make perforated designs in it and paint it and voila! I'd do constellations!

A Christmas LANTERN

Even the very young kids can have fun with these! This site shows a Christmas theme but just imagine Paper doilies and Dollar store glass-work for anytime of the year and other occasions.


This was an end of the year lesson which I did with my seventh and eighth grade middle school students last June. We studied DuChamp& Pain.

Chatty class classroom management materials to help get a talkative class quiet and under control in fun, positive ways!Have a chatty class? Do your talkative students get louder and louder during small groups until it feels like chaos? Do they talk when you're talking then ask you what the directions were as soon as you finish?Don't worry.

Chatty Class Classroom Management Tools for Talkative Students

Mrs. Art Teacher!: Rhythm people

Want to talk about the ideas of rhythm, movement, unity, variety, geometric shape and color choice in a one or two class project?

Game - Scattergories - All Students Can Shine

Game - Scattergories

Game - Scattergories - All Students Can Shine