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Bouquet of Hydrangeas.

Those colors! Hydrangea are thirsty - both as a plant and a cut flowers. Be sure to check moisture levels often. Submerging cut flower heads will prevent wilting and help them look better longer.

Conversations with Women in Medicine—A New Episode from the My First Cadaver Podcast

My goals are big, but I'm also a big believer that they can be accomplished, as long as I have the right knowledge base and tools. An MD/MBA would allow me to develop the skills I need to work towards those goals.

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I am a Pre-nursing major, so I can hopefully become a successful nurse. I am not sure what kind of nurse I want to be yet but I enjoy learning about the human body and what it does. I also enjoy helping people and going relationships with new people.

Golden Wattle Tree Seeds (Acacia cyanophylla) 25+Seeds

Acacia Dealbata Tree Or Shrub 20 Seeds, Silver Wattle Mimosa