Essentials Interieur & Roy de Scheemaker Work Together to Create an Elegant Contemporary Home in Amsterdam

When the weather is nice, the windows of this cafe are opened up and people can choose whether they want to sit inside or on the extended sill that allows people to interact with the street.

10 Unique Coffee Shops In Asia / JJA/Bespoke Architecture designed Elephant Grounds, a coffee shop in Hong Kong that emphasizes indoor-outdoor engagement thanks to it's design that opens out onto the street to encourage interaction between the people in t

AAmp Studio - Compartes Melrose

Compartes Melrose / AAmp Studio

Light-Filled Dwelling 4

Clean lines and dark tones define the new minimalist kitchen. The low level splash back window frames the landscaped corridor beyond and full height doors fold to extend the open plan space.

Sisalla Interior Design Complete A New Home In Melbourne

This large kitchen island features concrete pendant lights hanging above and plenty of room to seat four people. Behind the island and the living room, is a brick wall that ties back into the days when the space was used as a commercial garage.

A Garage Was Converted Into This Comfortable Living Space

Australian firm Sam Crawford Architects have transformed what was once a commercial garage sandwiched between terrace houses, into a bright and modern home that’s long and narrow.

See Inside The Contemporary Renovation Of A 1980s Home In Melbourne

Behind an unassuming façade, Robson Rak’s Courtyard House reveals a pared-back modern design mixed with luxurious materials and practical detailing.

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