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Spanish Gazpacho | | This light and smooth cold soup is best made during summertime, when you can find the best and sweetest tomatoes.

I wait all year for tomato season so I can make this delicious Spanish Gazpacho with perfectly ripe, summertime tomatoes.

Six of the best: London food neighbourhoods

From Caribbean flair to seasonal British produce, London has some of the best streets to eat and greet.

Magnifique tarte aux pommes

All you have to do is defrost the dough, and stretch it out a bit. You want to make sure it’s not too thick, or it might not cook properly. I spread the dough with apricot preserve, but you could also use peach, plum … or what you like.


Marinating the ribs overnight leaves the meat deeply infused with the flavors of wine and spice, and the red wine helps the beef brown beautifully, giving the whole dish a deeper color.