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There is a lot of info here! Help yourselves and add what you know. Please leave a comment on the FIRST BOARD on my home PAGE to be added. ❤`✿.¸¸ Please pin only pins about Pinterest (I have a board called Wise Words and Pin til You Drop for other-than-Pinterest pins.) and have fun! Invite friends. Jo
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Pinning do's and don'ts... wish I'd seen something like this BEFORE I pinned 100,000 pins. lol. Am working steadily to edit. I find the editing almost as fun as the pinning. Like to research many of the pins ~ & play around with the Covers of the boards & stuff. (akr)

I wish I had discovered the Do' s and Don'ts before I pinned 1000 without the proper editing. Didn't realize for each pin if you don't change the description, it appears as if you are saying what the original pinner commented.

And, BTW, I'd strongly recommend reading "When God Was a Woman" for insight on…

BTW, I'd strongly recommend reading "When God Was a Woman" for insight on the beginnings of the Abrahamic religions . and what the founders did to the more advanced and peaceful peoples whose land they conquered and beliefs they trampled.

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Barber Business Card

Barber Business Card

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