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the front entrance to a modern house with stone walls
Californian Architecture/Landscape Design in Melbourne
🌟 Welcome to Pasithea in Glen Waverly, Melbourne 🌟 🌱 Californian Design Meets Melbourne’s Beauty 🌱 Explore Pasithea, where luxury meets tranquility. Sunlit interiors, stone facades, and lush landscapes create a serene yet modern living experience in the heart of Melbourne. 🔍 Dive into a place where sustainability and elegant living coexist seamlessly. Navigate our site to explore more about this perfect blend of nature and modern architecture. #Pasithea #ReveDesign #MelbourneLiving
a living room filled with white furniture and tall glass windows next to a wall mounted flat screen tv
Hidden Paradise - Aurora Melbourne Central
Situated near Melbourne's level 70, this exquisite four-bedroom vacation apartment melds modern French-inspired design with luxury hotel sophistication. The hidden paradise incorporates unique salmon-grey marble, warm timber, and alluring mirrors to create a refined, inviting retreat that elevates the exclusive holiday experience.
an artist's rendering of a modern house with outdoor furniture and palm tree in the foreground
Elysium Island Sanctuary | Metaverse Architecture (Finalist of Metaverse Architecture Award)
Elysium Island Sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind architecture project that aims to address challenges like distance, financial and physical limitations, and the need for social connection. It's a unique concept that combines nature, cutting-edge architecture, and technology, and is a finalist for the Metaverse Architecture Award. It's located in the Metaverse and features a house, landscape, and island type. It's set to open in 2023.
the interior of a japanese style room with large circular lights on the ceiling and floor
a luxurious double-story residence in Melbourne
Introducing a luxurious double-story residence in Melbourne, this architectural masterpiece showcases modern art décor style with striking double curved staircases. Elegant and contemporary, the design seamlessly integrates indoor-outdoor living spaces, offering the ultimate comfort and sophistication. Experience unparalleled opulence with custom-crafted details, innovative materials, and a meticulously planned layout in this extraordinary Melbourne abode. ​
people sitting around a fire pit in the middle of a courtyard
CONNECTION, The National Centre for Cultural Studies
CONNECTION, The National Centre for Cultural Studies "Between the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous, Urban Life and Nature"
a modern kitchen with marble counter tops and dark wood cabinets, along with black chairs
Glen Waverley House Renovation Luxury Interior | Reve design
In Reve, we create Architecture, Landscapes, Interiors, and Brands. #architecture #archidaily #home #house #interiordesign #design #landscape #living #luxury #melbournehome #art #masion #boulevard #renovation #buildingdesign #structuralengineering #construction #builder #建筑 #设计 #室内设计 #装修 #墨尔本 #architecturemelbourne #newhome #melbourne #建房 #墨尔本买房 ##墨尔本装修
an artist's rendering of a white building with black roof and balcony railings
Greythorn Maison
Balwyn North is one of the best suburbs in Melbourne. Considering the surrounding noble residences and local culture, we have established a design plan: Compared with the use of Art Deco architectural style in the past, we take the essence of it and seek the most elegant way of living for modern people by combining minimalism. It also combines the close connection between humanistic romance and the surrounding natural environment. LOCATION: BALWYN NORTH, VICTORIA YEAR: 2022
an empty swimming pool in front of a modern house
the fabric lab logo is displayed in front of a glass wall with chairs and tables
FABRIC LAB, Brand & Interior
FABRIC LAB, Brand & Interior An innovative fashion design shop in #fitzroy : #fabriclab. LOCATION: FITZROY, VICTORIA TYPE: RETAIL CLIENT: FABRIC LAB YEAR: 2022 SIZE: 100 SQM
a table in the middle of a large room
Gardenvale Townhouse Interior Renovation