Wall mount ironing board - good space saving idea

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Check your pockets...great idea for the laundry room

Burton Avenue: Check Your Pockets Mini Laundry Room Sign. Someday I'll have a nice laundry room instead of the dungeon we have now.

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Custom drying drawers in Washington. This creative idea eliminates the need for bulky drying racks in a laundry room with limited space. Custom drying drawers like these can hold delicates and other small items that need to air dry.

I really need this for my small laundry room.

Create a hide-a-way ironing board with an existing drawer. I think everyone hates their ironing board.

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This Layout

Dazzling Modern Chandelier Designs Illuminating the Beauty Thoroughly: Epic Contemporary Laundry Room Design Interior In Minimalist Space De.

$195 supplied, $270 Installed  36m Line Space, 3m x 0.9m

$195 supplied, $270 Installed 36m Line Space, 3m x 0.9m

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