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Playing around with a another Dashboard Layout. Check the different color options and Feel free to use :) Press L to show some love.

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Huge iOS UI PackCreate your app design, prototype or get inspired with more than 200 iOS screens and hundreds of UI elements, organized into 8 popular content categories.Key iOS screensMade for Sketch App and content categ…

Question2a: this fascinating creation is a great way for people that enjoy fitness to track their work. the Apple #iwatch will track how many steps you take each day, how far you've ran, and your heart rate. you can also put in the workouts that you completed that day and it will show you your achievements. it even tracks your sleep!! How COOL is this #hitech device?!!??! #nhsbtt

Alcatel Watch is affordable yet very capable smart watch with great battery life and support for both Android and iOS platforms. I was responsible for interaction, visual and motion design of the device. We have created a custom OS from the ground up in h

Wonderful app, user friendly, with easy cognitive therapy tools for self help

There's an app for that - Daily tools for stress and anxiety alongside a supportive community. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Meditation. Available on iOS, Android & Web.