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Pinky promise

stephaniegraceofficial: oliviavirginiaharrison: pinky promise for jacqueline and emilie september 3 / 2015 possibilityisinherhands I saw this and I immediately thought of us and then I saw your tag :,) lean-in-closer future sister tattoo?

Stay humble. Hustle hard.   In this example I really enjoyed the break cause by the H and the E creating two words. The hieracrchy of the HU and LE really make your eye draw to the middle signifying the two words humble and hustle. There arent any visual punctuation which is enjoyable because this is sinple and doesnt have any dostractions

Calligraphy would be an good way to get an unique logo. (Hand-lettering and calligraphy gallery featuring "Stay humble & Hustle hard" by Jennet Liaw.

White jacket embroidered / painted with indigo illustrations.