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I chose this picture of this guy getting kneed in the face because I love MMA. Sport put strategy, strength, endurance, and physical fitness all together.

Andrew Walker of the Carlton Blues- what an awesome athelete! Australian Rules Football- my favourite sport!

AUSSIE RULES UK: Australian Rules football has been kicking around 'down under' since 1841 and the AFL governs the professional league footy game.

Chad Wingard, Port Adelaide Power | The Top 30 Smokin' Guns Of AFL

The Top 29 Smokin' Guns Of AFL

This spectacular catch by a player from the Essendon Bombers is called a "mark," a designation given when a ball is caught within the 10-meter line of the goal...

You have NEVER seen a real sport until you have watched footy, or Australian rules football. Someday I will go and see one of these games live.