The Australian outback. Simpsons Gap near Alice Springs.

**The outback at Simpsons Gap, Alice Springs, Australia ~ Steve Strike Photography

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia cant wait to go here!

The Rock Uluru Australia

Ayers Rock or Uluru in the red center of Australia. It is a journey to get to Alice Springs from just about any major city, but well worth it. Photo by Peo Pea.

Australia has some humor. Its dry, Just like most of its climate!

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Windmills and water tanks. We had a water tank near the house. I have memories of the smell of mint and lots or green ivy around the tank. CC

Windmills and water tanks- reminds me of McLeod's Daughters!

Outback Track, just past Australian Arid Lands Botanic Gardens, Australia

♥ Outback Track photo taken by Georgie Sharp who says of her travel here C predicted for tomorrow and it is not Summer yet! Just past the Australian Arid Gardens on the Road to Darwin" ~ South Australia

South Australia Outback

Australia on

Outback golden sunrise over Coober Pedy in South Australia - by .

I'm actually very interested in seeing the different signs Australia has, because obviously we don't have kangaroo crossings where I come from.

Decorate a wall or door for an Australian theme party with the Outback Road Sign Cutouts.

On the outback road, Australia

On the outback road, Western Australia

Australian outback

need to travel to Australia

"The Outback starts here." Yalgoo, Western Australia.

Northern Territory and Western Australia Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

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Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate - JRR Tolkien

Somewhere between Panna and Karratha

Somewhere between Panna and Karratha Western Australia

100 Best Towns In Australia #53 Lightning Ridge, NSW

100 Best Towns In Australia #53 Lightning Ridge, NSW

Lightening ridge is about northwest of Sydney and due south of the Queensland border.

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