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Joshua Collard

Joshua Collard
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Hidden Room

Library with a secret door. Our home library has a secret door that opens on hinges like this too - it goes into my office. :) People never notice that it's there until we point it out.

Hidden room under stairway.....

secret room IN the stairs! I need a secret room somewhere in my house. So have the secret room under the stairs, but to actually make it secret, don't put the door under the stairs, put it in the stairs.

Lion Tattoos -

roaring lion is a very loud voice, but this is one of the most beautiful sound to hear. For thousands of years lions have been recognized f.

Lion Tattoo by Elvin Tattoo, Singapore.

Lion Tattoo On Shoulder Lion tattoo, aka leo tattoo, is one of the most popular among animal tattoos. People love lion tattoos not only for its cool appearance but also for its rich symbolic meaning. The lion has been a… Continue Reading →

Lion tattoo

Or one like this on my forearm with the quote and my dads note over it. So the lion could serve as the background.