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The ancient rainforest of Tropical North QLD is rich in biodiversity and surrounds the Misty Mountains Rainforest Retreat, perfect for nature-loving couples.

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Good example of layering - can use these sorts of plants in most of your garden beds. So you've got tall palms at the back, the Elephant ear adds drama, the cordylines (red ones) colour, and the lower philodendron covers the ground.

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Behind the motel is a vacant alley way. This would be perfect to provide lush greenery behind guest windows rather than weeds and a neighboring yards fence. Like these palms

Onslow and Miss B: Tropical paradise

Onslow and Miss B: Tropical paradise - Wonderful plant selection including beehive ginger, purple heart, bromeliads, lotus-filled pot and parrots beak heliconia.

Leafy plants Throughout the garden, king, queen, and pygmy date palms tower above cycads, plumerias, variegated schefflera, yellow gingers, red ti plants, and bromeliads that include the showy Billbergia pyramidalis. To fill in, Jack moved some houseplants outdoors, such as a staghorn fern that he mounted to a palm beside the pool.

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Leafy plants throughout the garden - King, queen, and pygmy date palms tower above cycads, plumerias, and bromeliads.

Gingerflowers Tropical Landscape

tropical garden inspiration: dwarf red ginger, cordyline (ti plant), crotons – from Fairmont Wailea, Maui Hawaii

Upright Ornamental Pear Trees

Upright Ornamental Pear Trees planted in a row providing a natural screen & backdrop to almost any garden. These great looking upright trees flower white flowers in spring & colour up each …