glass pop can

Invisible Pop Can Cups

Funny pictures about Coca Cola glass can. Oh, and cool pics about Coca Cola glass can. Also, Coca Cola glass can photos.

multi dimensional shelving

Dutch designer Ka-Lai Chan has produced a limited edition of the SheLLf bookcase for Kristalia that will only be at Salone Internazionale del Mobile. I really like the cool visual effect of the shelf growing big in the center and tapering on the edges.

Reversible Cup

Lighthearted Holey Teacups

Reversible Cup - The C’UP, a mixture of ‘cup’ and ‘up,’ designed by Ana Hernando, is a reversible cup that lets you decide which side .

edible spoon!

Edible Eco-Spoon Lets You Help Mother Nature Out, One Bite At a Time, because what is wrong with my metal spoons exactly?

unorthodox shelves

The Tentacle wall shelf by Madrid-based designer, José Hurtado, is more than just a simple shelf. The pine cabinet with interchangeable shelves can be adap

Cubious Bookshelf 3

Scaffolding-Inspired Shelfing

Piamo Espresso Maker

Lighthearted Holey Teacups

Piamo espresso maker by Gemodo Coffee and Lunar Europe makes coffee in the microwave in 30 seconds.

Hug Cup by Eszter Imre 7

Lighthearted Holey Teacups

Lighthearted Holey Teacups : Hug Cup by Eszter Imre