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Pink dolphins

Coolest thing Ive ever seen… Pink Dolphin October 2012 -According to NOAA, there have only been 14 recorded sightings of albino Bottlenose Dolphins throughout the world, since the first reported sighting in shut up! A pink dolphin!

YES!!! Ppl always try to take my food, and when they do for the first time I say "now listen, I'm letting u go with a warning, but next time, beware!" And then the get wide eyed and slowly walk about!!!

27 Disney Jokes That Are Seriously Clever And Funny Off with your head! Disney humor in wonderland

Hmmm. Disney humor

Cinderella' s Show Fits Perfectly, Then ‘Why Did It Fall Disney Logic. >le rageface >disney created cinderella Disney Logic Cinderella' s Show Fits Perfectly Then ‘Why Did It Fall >le rageface >disney created cinderella