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Hopia Mongo - Ang Sarap

Hopia is a popular Filipino pastry filled with bean paste which was introduced by the Fujian Chinese during the American occupation. It came from the Chinese word ho-pian which means “good biscuit”, it is.

Sweet Sticky Rice Recipe Easy | Sapin-Sapin (Layered Sticky Rice Cake) | Latest Recipes

Sapin-Sapin is a Filipino multi-colored (and flavored) layered sticky rice cake. It's traditionally made of galapong (sticky rice dough) mixed with coconut milk and sugar.


Carioca are deep-fried glutinous rice balls coated with caramel syrup; they are popular Filipino street food and commonly sold skewered in bamboo sticks

Puto Bumbong Roberto Verzo, CC-BY, via flickr Perhaps the most loved of all Philippine desserts that Filipinos cannot wait to eat during the Christmas season in the Philippines is puto bumbong, a purple-colored sticky rice cake shaped like small...

Puto Bumbong Recipe Made Easy – How to Cook the Purple Filipino Christmas Rice Cake without a Steamer This recipe looks great, I'd try it around Christmas time!

Biko (Filipino Sweet Sticky Rice)

Looking for a good Biko recipe? Your search is over. This Filipino Sweet Sticky Rice recipe is awesome! It is made from glutinous rice that is first partially cooked, then mixed with coconut milk until very thick in consistency.