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Disassembling a Pallet Easily For Crafting and Projects When using pallets for your projects, you will find that pallets are usually sturdily built and sometimes hard to disassemble. Hammer and Pry Bar Method - One option is to manually remove the nails.

Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets #Pallets, #Recycled

Have some spare pallets? Check out this ultimate guide to Pallet 1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects ! - Part 18

A House For Refugees, Made From 100 Shipping Pallets

I-Beam turns cheap, discarded material into transitional structures for those who have lost their homes.

The Art Of Pallet Wood Flooring - Hey handyman! Do you have a bunch of old wooden boards lying around the house?

How to Build Wood Flooring from Wood Pallets DIY Project. By using wood taken from dissembling different wood pallets, a person will accumulate a beautiful selection of wood pieces that once assembled will create a patchwork of colors. Love this

Galatopita is Greek dessert and one of all-time favourites as it is not too sweet and very, very easy to make.

Galatopita (Milk "Pie" or custard in fillo) is Greek dessert and an all-time favourites as it is not too sweet and very, very easy to make. Similar to Galatoboureko and Bougatsa.

Birthday Cherry-Chocolate Cake with Fruits. This recipe is not even in English alphabet but if it is dark chocolate inside it looks amazing!

Birthday Cherry-Chocolate Cake with Fruits -- nerding out over both the photography and the food styling.

Naked Cakes-I love this! I don't like icing and I'm not a huge cake fan, but if I have to have a wedding cake, I do like the "naked cake" concept.

naked wedding cake - What is happening everyone seem to be wanting a cake like this. Is icing a thing of the past? NorahX un nuevo estilo de pastel