Unit Study - Australia

an image of australia with many different things to see and do in it's own language
five themes australia: five themes, geography | Glogster EDU - Interactive multimedia posters
This would make a great unit project. Five Themes of Geography: Australia
the australia song website is shown
Australia Song - Mary Glasgow Magazines
Australia Song
six maps of australia with the country names in different colors and designs, all on separate sheets
My Australia Notebook
My Australia Notebook (free download printable). Homeschool
a map of australia with all the major cities and towns in yellow on white background
In the Outback
australian children living in the outback
a boy kneeling down in the grass with a stick and cows behind him on a sunny day
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Day in the Life: Australia | TIME For Kids
a woman standing in front of a wall with pictures on it's walls and pointing her finger at the camera
Australia Zoo Tour with Steve Irwin
Australia Zoo Tour with Steve Irwin - YouTube
a man is holding his hands up in front of an animal's head and tail
Why Do Boomerangs Come Back? | Earth Science
Why do Boomerangs come back? - James May's Q&A (Ep 35) - Head Squeeze - YouTube
an australian flag with the words 100 % written in white and blue on it, next to a map of australia
Information, history facts, and activities on the country of Australia for school-age children.
a map of the state of florida with all its states marked in yellow and green
Australian States/Territories For Students
A to Z Kids Stuff | Australia - Each Australian State or Territory has its own emblem of a animal, flower, and bird.
the world map shows where land cover is
Desert Knowledge for Kids and students
Site where children can compare and contrast Australian and American desert regions
a small lizard sitting on top of a red sand covered ground next to a black and white object
VetSpotting API
The Thorny Devil of the Australian desert. Quite an interesting creature! (And they look a little bit like Toothless the dragon...)
desert animals - powerpoint assignment for the australian animal unit, which includes pictures and text
Homework and Assignments
Australian Desert Plants and Animals Assignment
a map of australia with all the major cities and their names in bright colors on it
Facts - Australian Deserts
Australian Desert Facts
an image of australia taken from space in the middle of the night, framed on a wall
Interactive map of Deserts of Australia
Interactive Map of the Deserts of the Australian Outback