Love Vegemite? These cheese & Vegemite scrolls require just 4 ingredients and won't take long to prepare and get into the oven!

Cheese and Vegemite Scrolls

Cheesy vegemite scrolls that make for great platter or lunchbox food. If you're unable to get vegemite then marmite is a fantastic replacement.

Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls Recipe

Hmmmm Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls, perfect for school lunches or a snack on the go! Try this amazing and simple vegemite scrolls recipe!

Vegemite Chicken | 20 Delicious New Ways To Enjoy Vegemite

Vegemite Chicken

January 26 is Australia Day. It's a day of BBQs by the beach, picnics in the park, summer music concerts and this year, it also includes watching scream queen Azarenka beat smiling assassin Li Na a.

Cheese Vegemite Scroll recipe

Giant Cheese & Vegemite Scroll

Vegemite on Buttered Toast | 19 Australian Snacks Every American Needs To Try Immediately

Vegemite on Buttered Toast

Vegemite is stereotype Australian food, True Australians eat vegemite. Very few people from other countries actually like it.

Avocado toast, vegemite, lemon zest

Avocados are quite an amazing fruit. See 13 amazing health benefits of avocado that.

Vegemite advertisement appearing in "Women's World circa 1925"

Where did Vegemite Originate? In Australia of Course

Vegemite is Australia's most popular spread. Made mainly from Brewers Yeast, it was invented in 1922 and in October 2008 celebrated the making of it 1 billionth jar. Vegemite even got a mention in "Down Under" by Men at Work

20 Vegemite Recipes That Are All Surprisingly Delicious

20 Vegemite Recipes That Are All Surprisingly Delicious

Vegemite is a typical Australian spread. It has a dark brown colour and is mostly eaten on sandwiches, toast or crackers. Vegemite has a bitter taste