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Cure a Headache with a Lime.

Interesting - Cure a Headache with a Lime - Cut a lime in half and rub the part of the head that aches with the cut open end of the lime. Budget Savvy Diva said "I had a mild headache yesterday and I tried this tip and it worked!

5 Free iPhone Apps for Road Trips with Kids

KIDzOUT is a really cool free app that is dedicated to help parents find not only restrooms and diaper changing stations, but also family friendly food stops, emergency medical care, places to play, and more!

Start your road trips with books, coloring sheets, and family games, but break out the electronics after a couple of hours in the car and at nightfall. If your kids share a video player or music, turn-taking works well, as does the rule that "the video doesn't start until all the kids agree on what to watch."  Bring a “Fun Pack” for each kid, plan your stops and pack snacks!

Holiday travel is tough whether you're on an airplane or in a car. These suggestions for kid-friendly activities, games, and distractions will make your family travel easier any time of year.