Maybe space for a bench or seating on pea gravel along north fence? Sitzplatz im Garten, Hecke, Hydrangea/Hortensien, Kugeltrompetenbaum

Such a pretty picture. I love how the weathered timber bench is softened by great mounds of white Hydrangeas, buxus spheres and Catalpa (Indian bean trees) vanraaijen.

iceberg roses with hedge                                                                                                                                                      More

John Hamilton Construction – Christchurch Heritage, Character, Traditional Home & Villa Renovation Specialists. iceberg roses with hedge

House and Home -- Australian Homestead -- 'Iceberg' roses in the front garden of the 1900 homestead.

Queensland country garden

I love that this looks 'alive' with windows open hats coats hanging up.'Iceberg' roses in the front garden of the 1900 homestead.

Inversed white and black color scheme, would be better for energy efficiency but doesn't look as modern as the opposite.

door& open, have a stroll through a classic Sassafras cottage - mind the dogs aawwgghh, I wanna live in the ranges too.

dustjacket attic: A Home In The Country - an Australian house ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit

I love this typical old Australian homestead surrounded by a rambling country garden … you see a lot of farmhouses/gardens like this in rural Australia.

Agapanthus Orientalis   ......Need full sun to flower     Dwarf variety grows to 45cm high in flower

FAMILY LILIACEAE Agapanthus africanus, sometimes known as the African lily, is a cool greenhouse perennial with a fleshy tuberous root.