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Jude Wise

Jude Wise
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silk paper

The flat silk paper can be used to construct three-dimensional objects such as boxes, lampshades, bowls, jewelry, journal covers and more. Essentially anything that you can create with traditional paper or fabric you can make with silk fusion!

Red cabbage and tea can be used as an all-natural dye. The process produces a lavendar dye but the spent cabbage turns a beautiful aubergine.

Avocado pits and skins chopped up and put into the freezer. when ready, put into large glass jar, with 1 part ammonia and 2 parts water. let ferment for a week. shake jar from time to time and dye! amazing color!!!

Dye Lot: Avocado Pits and Skins I grew an avocado tree from a pit, it is now 15 feet tall and so many avocados.I have been saving the pits skins for exactly this purpose!

Halloween Treats Kids Can Make

Your little goblins will love assembling -- and eating -- these spooky Halloween treats and sweets. From chocolate-dipped owl pretzels and candy corn push-up pops to jack-o'-lantern cookies and peanut butter (eye)balls!