Novelty cakes

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a blue and white frosted cake with flowers on the top is sitting on a plate
there is a cake that looks like an ocean theme
a starbucks cake with pink frosting and roses on top
a birthday cake decorated with flags and bunting
a white frosted cake with a snowman on top and the name charlotte written in blue
Décor, Birthday, Birthday Cake
a cake with a tennis player laying on top of it and holding a racket
a cake decorated with blue and gold icing, two legs sticking out of the top
a star wars figurine sitting on top of a rug
there is a cake with some chopsticks on the plate
Hats, Floppy, Floppy Hat, Cowboy Hats
a birthday cake decorated with cartoon dogs and balloons on it's top, sitting on a white plate
a purple cake topped with a gold crown on top of a white plate and ruffles
I’m a princess