iPad market share up to 68% in 2012 from 62% in 2011

iPad share 2011 vs 2012 > chart of the day, ipad market share, september 2012

Apple ipad mini in oct likely to be wifi only but revised 9.7" model will be 4G

'iPad mini' likely to be Wi-Fi-only – but revised 9.7in model will offer UK 4G

Apple pips Samsung to become biggest phone seller in US: Report - Business Today

In the end, it’s about an overall package, an experience which Apple is offering. Not the fastest tablet, nor the cheapest, nor the one that prioritizes the most pixel-dense display, but the one with the lion’s share of tablet applications, the integration with the iOS/iTunes ecosystem, the familiarity of usability and, yes, the brand cachet. That’s a compelling metric by which to judge a new product, and it’s a set of abilities that single the iPad mini out in the marketplace.

Boiling down the iPad mini to its core premise may not tell you everything you need to know about the tablet, but it does

iPad Mini - As for apps, by now most users are familiar with the variety in the App Store. There are hundreds of thousands of apps that were designed for the iPad which scale down beautifully for the mini's smaller screen. Even iPhone apps that never looked quite right on an iPad look less awkward on the smaller device.

Review: Apple iPad mini smaller, still the gold standard

It's just a runty iPad but the new iPad mini somehow manages to establish its very own identity. I've been using the new mini for a week now and I have to say: This little guy may be small but it performs big.

Amazon and Google are willing to eat the losses on the hardware if they can make it up on the software – or even, in Google's case, just grab some market share while getting people to use the web.

iPad mini v Kindle Fire v Nexus 7: the Christmas fight approaches

iPad mini v Kindle Fire v Nexus the Christmas fight approaches

Eink has started to focus on adding features for classrooms, such as a master device to control which pages students look at, preventing them from flipping ahead to, for example, an answers page. Amazon this month announced a push to get Kindles into U.S. schools, selling e-readers at bulk discount.    But it will be an uphill battle. For one thing, Apple has stolen a march in the United States, saying that 80 percent of the country's "core curricula" is available in its digital bookstore.

Analysis: E-readers grapple with a future on the shelf

Amidst our growing love affair with the tablet, spare a thought for its increasingly shelfbound sibling: the e-reader.

ipad vs nexus vs kindle fire comparison

ipad vs nexus vs kindle fire comparison

critique of new Amazon Kindle tablets

Review: Kindle Fire HD Is a Very Amazon Tablet

Kindle Fire Tablets are designed for entertainment-web, movies, games, and magazines but the it is intended to support multiple apps that can be used for many functions.