10 Ultimate Summer Popsicle Recipes! - Weed'em & Reap

Key Lime Pie Popsicles

Don’tcha just LOVE popsicle recipes? Since we are already melting our faces off here in Arizona, I am breaking out the 10 ultimate popsicle recipes today!

Pad Thai Chicken - Thermomix

Recipe Pad Thai Chicken by learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Pasta & rice dishes.

Thai style Roti Thermomix recipe

Recipe Thai Roti clone of Tenina Holder by Hotlips - Recipe of category Breads & rolls

Scrummy Paleo Curry With Lamb & Coconut Recipe | Eat Drink Paleo

Scrummy Coconut Lamb Curry

Recipe: Scrummy Coconut Lamb Curry This curry was an experiment that went very very right. I bought some diced lamb and decided to make an Indian type of curry but I didn't have a recipe in mind so.

Raspberry Bliss Bombs

WOW these are simply the best recipe we have ever done. Hormonally happy and loaded with antioxidants. They are the perfect treat and energy pick me up! Substitute the maple syrup for honey I think.

Dim Sum 30g ginger 2 garlic cloves 2 teas salt 2 teas sugar Pinch white pepper 20g cornflour 30g water 250g prawns 250g pork belly, diced 2 Spring onions 2 tabs oyster sauce 100g water chestnuts 50g bamboo shoots Wonton wrappers Peas & diced carrot to garnish

Dim Sum was a family treat for us as kids. Back then, a select few restaurants in Chinatown, Melbourne, served yum cha on a monthly basis where hoardes of Chinese families would hustle the trolleys…

Quirky Cooking: Quinoa Salad, Thermomix Style!

Quirky Cooking: Quinoa Salad, Thermomix Recipe but easily made without thermomix

Use the #Varoma to make a Vietnamese Chicken Meatball and Noodle Soup! #Recipe for #Thermomix

Use the Varoma to make a Vietnamese Chicken Meatball and Noodle Soup! Recipe for Thermomix

Pad Thai Salad-I make something similar from scratch, but this sauce looks good, and the ingredients are similar. I stir fry the sprouts and peppers, add the cabbage, then the egg for something closer to Pad Thai.

Pad Thai Salad

Pad Thai Salad from Paleo Leap 5 Stars! I thought it needed a bit more acid in the dressing, so next time I'll increase the lime juice.

Quirky Cooking: Coconut Caramel Custard yummy thermomix sugar-free coconut sugar custard dessert healthy sweet

Quirky Cooking: Coconut Caramel Custard to make into Ice cream. freeze in ice cube trays, then mix frozen cubes in Thermomix 1 min/speed If you want to add nuts, add a handful and mix 10 sec/speed 6 to chop.