Jungle vibes - illustrations and pattern designs

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three palm trees with pink, green and blue leaves on them in front of a beige background
Palm Trees Illustration (Cool Palette) Art Print by Lindsey Kay Co
an abstract painting with palm trees in the background
Artist Spotlight - Rosie Harbottle
an abstract painting with pink, yellow and green leaves
an abstract black and white pattern with circles in the center, on a beige background
Explore prints - Marimekko
an image of birds and leaves on a green background that looks like it is in the jungle
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a green and pink leaf pattern on a white background
green and yellow striped leaves against a white background
snake greenie
Ophelia Pang: snake greenie
an abstract floral pattern with butterflies and leaves on a green background, in shades of pink, purple, orange and black
Butterfly jungle
Colourful, jungle pattern design featuring butterflies and tropical leaves
an abstract painting of palm trees on a pink background with blue, yellow and green leaves
Babeth Lafon — Illustration division
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and green colors
‘Jungle Evening’
an animal in the jungle surrounded by tropical plants and leaves on a black background with pink, purple, orange and green colors
Jungle vibes - pink leopards
Vibrant, tropical, colourful jungle design featuring leopards, plants, palms, leaves
colorful tropical leaves and toucan birds are featured in this seamless background pattern
Toucan jungle party
bright tropical design, featuring toucans, exotic bird, hot pink, bright orange, lime green
an abstract painting with pink, green and black leaves
‘Equatorial Dusk’
— ‘Equatorial Dusk’