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Julian Johnstone
Organic Monolith

‘Organic Monolith’ by Julian Johnstone

'Organic Monolith' by Julian Johnstone. 2019 Art by Julz

First World Problems

‘First World Problems’ by Julian Johnstone

'First World Problems' by Julian Johnstone.

Consciousness in an Unconscious World

‘Consciousness in an Unconscious World’ by Julian Johnstone

'Consciousness in an Unconscious World' by Julian Johnstone. Corporations control politics

How I pimped out my Indian Darkhorse on the cheap using eBay parts

How I pimped out my Indian Darkhorse on the cheap using eBay parts

The Glass Motorcycle paint protection System used on all metal and plastics that will give up to 7 years Protection.- Wheels are cleaned, prepped then Coated...

The Ruins of Time

‘The Ruins of Time’ by Julian Johnstone

'The Ruins of Time' by Julian Johnstone. Corrosion through corruption, the changing of mans will to trust and be trusted.

Corporate Mega Beast

‘Corporate Mega Beast’ by Julian Johnstone

'Corporate Mega Beast' by Julian Johnstone. Creating lies, using outdated tradition/religious dogma and what ever underhanded methods of deception to program its victims using mainstream medias. Its easier to fool, than to convince someo...

The Day Before Tomorrow

‘The Day Before Tomorrow’ by Julian Johnstone

'The Day Before Tomorrow' by Julian Johnstone. Doing what is right as opposed to doing what the majority is doing is what I stand for. We have to go Vegan before its too late! This will help prevent the early death of our planet's biodiver...

Red River Valley

‘Red River Valley’ by Julian Johnstone

'Red River Valley' by Julian Johnstone. Money off the backs of animals and the economically impoverished makes a the rich richer and the poor poorer. Is there a conspiracy going on here?

Riding through the Bad Lands

‘Riding through the Bad Lands’ by Julian Johnstone

'Riding through the Bad Lands' by Julian Johnstone. Look forwards and never back Eventually the pain subsides and memories fade away in time. Just remember it happens for some reason. Such is life.