6 Ways to Cozy Up Your Patio

6 Ways to Cozy Up Your Patio

Adding wheels to a picnic table! Ways to Cozy up Your Patio- Great ideas for making a warm and welcoming backyard patio.

Australian natives in a cottage garden

Cut Leaf Daisy (Brachyscome) - Australian native, ideal ground cover, prolific flowering, many colours available

Colourful native garden

how to support research on Australian flora, apply for grants from the Foundation, grants awarded, reports arising from grants from the Foundation

Native garden with mountain vista

Make the most of our rich native flora and fauna with these Australian native garden design ideas brought to you by Australian Outdoor Living.

colourful garden

Pretty contrast of foliage - expecially the purply look, the red and the different greens

Native garden with river stones

Native gardens in Australia are highly accepted as Native Garden Design offers a wonderful outdoor living space comprising indigenous plant, dry creek beds, river rocks etc.

bush garden with kangaroos

A big flat rock to break up a shrubby garden and to allow access to the back parts of the garden.