Arctostaphylos 'Sentinel' This native California shrub bears lovely, dainty bell shaped blooms in spring. Attractive, architectural shape with reddish brown bark. Drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Carex Evergold (Japanese Sedge , Sedge)

Brightly variegated foliage in yellow and green of Carex Evergold features a tight fountain-like habit, even in the shade. Try planting with Astilbe and Fern to provide a contrast in textures. Maintains a good appearance in summer and winter.

Another replacement idea for Japanese maple. Feijoa sellowiana, pineapple guava. Gorgeous edible blooms, evergreen 7' tall average height. Full sun, drought tolerant. Very cold hardy. Prune to shape, control size or not, attractive either way -- adaptable.

Ophiopogon Nigrescens (Black Mondo Grass, Mondo Grass)

Ophiopogon - Nigrescens (Black Mondo Grass) - combine with existing coral bells in the Daphne contianer to crowd out weeds, add more texture-color contrast.

High Line – Container in the Sky

Mexican feather grass - great for full sun, drought tolerant Beautiful easy filler, cascades over edges of container. (Not sure if available at Thicket, might have to source elsewhere.

If needed to fill out container, use 'silver form' which is narrower, smaller shrub. Similar texture to conifer, but has flowers!

Cistus x pulverulentus 'Sunset'

Cistus x pulverulentus 'Sunset' - another alternative for rockrose. (Check Thicket to see which specimens are right size for container.

Jasminum beesianum, hardy, drought-tolerant, red spring flowers, vine to 10 ft+ Look for this as possible replacement for existing stressed star jasmine vine.

Lewisia cotyledon 'Galaxy Mixed' seeds from Thompson & Morgan - experts in the garden since 1855

Lovely Lewisia (bitterroot) foliage, attractive even when not in bloom. Hardy succulent rosettes. Photo taken at

Rockrose, Cistus 'Jenkyn Place' evergreen, soft texture rounded low shrub, white summer flowers Full sun, drought tolerant, 3ft rounded shape. (Thicket)