Even if you haven’t read the books or are planning to see the movie 50 Shades of Grey this weekend, there are plenty of grey shades out there to pique your interest! In honor of the movie’s release, I’ve gone out and painted my nails today in an intriguing shade of grey…If you’ve ever lived …

Do you love the color grey? I would paint every room in my house a different color grey! Colorfully BEHR has compiled a safe for work version of 50 Shades of Grey (paint shades that is).

It's cold outside but the sun seems especially bright in winter. Time to finish off your warm wool look with a pair of statement-making shades.

Show off your warm wool look with statement-making shades of grey.


grey wing via labstyle

вопрос 16 ............................................... осенью бы с удовольствием прогулялась в этом )

Qwearly Dashing Week 3: Clean & Casual

Street style - straight line jacket, grey, casual definitly chic.

Concrete architecture space PAVIMENTI E PARETI IN CEMENTO

Pavimenti in cemento

Cement House - Minimalist Architecture- Inspiration for Extraordinary Ordinary Day shoes.

Concrete to be the only material used within the chapel. Shows the inclusion of all those who use the space, not separated by differing religions or lack of. A space for all to be seen as equal.

KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon Attention to detail I guess the idea was that the stair can be a part of building skin. For that, the architect made new type of stair. Actually the stair does not exist itself.

50 shades of grey fabric. French century dyed linen and hemp sheets from Altes Bauernleinen.

I would like the color of this wall for my bedroom.

Trend Preview

Cool grey branches in vase.

The silver is irrelevant, but upon inspection every knit thing is silver grey. doubt there's any meaning in that.

I like my clothes with some geometry to them... Theresa L via Nulka onto folded....

The T-Shirt Issue: Berlin-based Mashallah Design & Linda Kostowski have created items of clothing by scanning human bodies and using the data to create sewing patterns (edited)

monday TO sunday HOME: from MONDAY to SUNDAY...

Look for linen double bed sheet cover that you tie and mattress sheets


logwood = beautiful natural dyes (bonus fact: was used for pirate flags)


crochet pillows Try grey shades, different textures/fabrics/knits


Pantone Colour of the Week: Smoke Grey!


Handmade Home: Office Nook Redux


a grey day. (My favorite kind.