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two grilled cheese sandwiches sitting on top of a white plate next to each other
Air Fryer Grilled Cheese
Learn how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in the air fryer. If you love using your air fryer and you love grilled cheese, give this recipe a try! It is one of my favorite ways to make it. #grilledcheese #airfryer
German Cucumber Radish Salad
German Cucumber Radish Salad
This refreshing cucumber radish salad with dill is the perfect salad for summer. A creamy dressing with fresh cucumber and fresh radishes that is ready in 10 minutes. Made with cucumber, radishes, dill, and a greek yoghurt dressing with vinegar, oil, and mayo. #Germanrecipes cucumber radish salad with dill| cucumber radish salad with vinegar| cucumber radish salad recipe| cucumber radish salad dressing| simple cucumber and radish salad| cucumber and radish salad recipe|
Easy Marillenknödel (Austrian Apricot Dumplings) Recipe in English
Learn how to make these sweet apricot dumplings known as Marillenknödel! They are so easy to make and taste fantastic with vanilla sauce. Marillenknödel, Apricot Dumplings, Austrian Apricot Dumplings, Austrian Sweet Dumplings, Sweet Dumplings in Vanilla Sauce, Fruit dumplings,
chocolate truffles with text overlay that says easy homemade brigadero
Easy Homemade Brigadeiro
Learn how to make the classic Brazilian Brigadeiro at home. It is a chocolate truffle that reminds me of "quick fudge". It is very easy to make and tastes amazing. #brigadeiro #brazilianfood
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guacamole in a white bowl surrounded by tortilla chips
Easy Homemade Guacamole
Learn how to make delicious guacamole at home. If you love avocados this avocado dip is for you! It is so good with tortilla chips, on tacos, on toast, etc. #guacamole #avocadodip
Zitronenkuchen - German Lemon Cake
Zitronenkuchen Recipe (German Lemon Cake)
Try this Zitronenkuchen Recipe in English. This German Lemon Cake recipe is easy, moist and delicious! A German lemon pound cake recipe, topped with a lemon glaze. Made in a Kugelhupf /Gugelhupf or Bundt Form it is also very pretty to look at. Try this recipe now. German Lemon Cake Recipe, moist lemon cake recipe, moist lemon bundt cake, lemon cake with glaze Icing. Lemon Pound cake with glaze. Lemon glaze bundt cake
The Best Stockbrot Recipe
This is Stockbrot. A classic German camfire bread recipe. It is easy to make and you can make the dough with our without yeast. These Campfire Breads on a stick will bring back childhoof memories. Let me show you have to make these breadsticks. These are the best Stick Bread Ideas to make your campfire one to remember. Stick on a bread. Stockbrot recipe. Campfire bread dough. Stockbrot Recipe | Campfire bread recipe | Campire Bread on a stick | campfire Breadsticks | campfire bread dough
Easy German Mackerel Pate
Smoked Mackerel Pate: Just 3 Ingredients for a Flavor Explosion! 🐟🍋 This creamy delight is perfect for spreading on your favorite bread. Click for the quick recipe! Mackerel Recipe | Mackerel Pate | Smoked Mackerel Pate | The best mackerel Pate | Smoked Mackerel Pate with Horseradish | Easy Mackerel Pate| Mackerel Pate with creame cheese
homemade vanilla pudding in a white bowl with spoon
Easy Homemade Vanilla Pudding
Learn how to make vanilla pudding from scratch. It is so good and much better than instant pudding. If you are a vanilla pudding fan, give this recipe a try! #vanillapudding #pudding #vanilla
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How to make Elderflower and Prosecco Drink Drinking, Mint, Tips, Lime, Mint Leaves, Step By Step Instructions, Elderflower, Sparkling Water, Spritz
How to make Elderflower and Prosecco Drink
Sip into summer with this irresistible Hugo cocktail! A refreshing blend of elderflower, Prosecco, and sparkling water, garnished with lime slices and fresh mint leaves. Easy to make, even easier to enjoy. Save this pin now! Hugo Cocktail | The best hugo spritz cocktail | Elderflower and prosecco Drink Elderflower Cocktail | How to make Hugo Cocktail
banana bread sitting on top of a pan next to a loaf of bread with the words, easy homemade banana bread
Easy Homemade Banana Bread
I love this easy homemade banana bread recipe. It turns out tender, moist, and oh so delicious. If you are a banana bread fan give this simple recipe a try. #bananabread #sweetbread #quickbread
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fried shrimp on a white plate with text overlay that reads easy crispy fried shrimp
Easy Crispy Fried Shrimp
Learn how to make delicious homemade fried shrimp. If you are a shrimp lover, this recipe is for you. #friedshrimp
The Best German Meat Salad Recipe
German Fleischsalat is one of the best things you can have on bread. This German Meatsalad is made with Fleischwurst, a German Sausage. You can also make it with German Bologne, American Bologne, Mortadella, Lyoner Sausage or any other smoked sausage. Learn how to make this Bologne Salad with this Authentic German Recipe in English Fleischsalat recipe | Fleischsalat german recipe| German Meat Salad Recipe| Bologne Salad
Creamy Pretzel Dip Snacks, Dips, Homemade, Quick, Soft Pretzels, Delicious, Creamy
Creamy Pretzel Dip
Try this homemade Pretzel Cream Cheese Dip – a creamy blend of Mainzer Spundekäs perfection! Dip, munch, and keep coming back for more – this creamy, flavor-packed dip is an absolute essential for snack aficionados. Spundekäs | Mainzer Spundekäs | Pretzel Cream Cheese Dip | Creamy Pretzel Dip | German Pretzel Dip | Homemade Pretzel dip
How to Make Schmorkohl Recipe Ground Beef, German Cabbage Rolls, Cabbage And Beef, Creamed Beef, Easy Cabbage Recipes, Cooking Together, Creamed Cabbage, Cabbage Recipes, Cabbage Casserole
How to Make Schmorkohl Recipe
This is an easy cabbage recipe with ground beef. The braised cabbage is cooked together with beef mince in a pot. A traditional German recipe called Schmorkohl. Perfect recipe for leftover cabbage. A one pot Cabbage casserole that is delicious and simple. Try this cabbagerecipe with ground beef. Cabbage with Ground Beef | Braised Cabbage with Beef| Schmorkohl Recipe | Leftover Cabbage Recipe | One Pot Cabbage Casserole | Cabbage Recipe with Ground Beef