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Justine Nagel

Justine Nagel
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Sometimes hard, fast and rough. Sometimes deep, slow and gentle. ❤ Sometimes you just want it hard, fast and rough.. Like that wild and crazy kind of sex. And sometimes you want it deep, slow and gentle. That softer kind of amazing sex. And sometimes you want both of these one after the other or switching back and forth between them But never forget about any of these two ❤ Kinky Quotes ❤ #sex #love #lovemaking #quoteoftheday

Sex quote: "Sometimes hard, fast and rough. Sometimes deep, slow and gentle." The worlds best sex quotes are all waiting for you right here!

Of course. Your amazing dick is all I really want and worth the wait.. want me to cal Hilton?

daydreaming about you.after showering in bed thinking of you.before falling asleep thinking of you.waking up a million times a night thinking of you to soothe myself back to sleep.you make me wet!

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