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Jzhonnie Bechet
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Originally, Hellena, Florinda, and Valeria went to the carnival dressed as gypsies. They told the men they would read their fortunes.

This is not a vintage photo and we are not ethnically gypsy (we were just playing dress-up). It is a photo of myself, my friend Rose Harden, and my belly dance teacher Jill Parker. It was taken in San Francisco in about ♥ Rachel Brice

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Scandalous German born dancer, actress and writer, Anita Berber. She was known as Weimar Germany's "High Priestess of Debauchery." Berber died in 1928 at the age of twenty-nine.


"Olive Ann Alcorn, Olive Ann Alcorn (March 1900 – January was an American dancer, model, and silent film actress of the and She is better remembered today for the numerous nude photographs of her from the era than for her film work.