The Evolution Tree at #CBR airport

How does the public art Canberrans have had to contend with compare to that of other cities? You be the judge.

Walter Burley Griffin preliminary plan 1913

A beautifully reproduced copy of a 1913 Walter Burley Griffin plan of Canberra. Printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks.

A History of Canberra | Nicholas Brown | ISBN: 9781107646094

Prices (including delivery) for A History of Canberra by Nicholas Brown.

Canberra Architecture | Andrew Metcalf | ISBN: 9780949284631

Prices (including delivery) for Canberra Architecture by Andrew Metcalf.

Canberra | Paul Daley | ISBN: 9781742233185

Prices (including delivery) for Canberra by Paul Daley.

The Bush Capital | Roger Pegrum | ISBN: 9780949284877

Prices (including delivery) for The Bush Capital by Roger Pegrum.

Lake Burley Griffin 50, 2014, by David Pope

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