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A pretty one!

This has got to be the cutest and most beautiful bug in all the world! Just look at the lesson in colour from mother nature. This is a Cecropia Moth Caterpillar. Nature at its spectacular best! I wonder where it is found?

Euonymus americanus Strawberry Bush Hearts a Burstin

Euonymus Americanus Strawberry Bush also known as Brook euonymus, Hearts-a-burstin, Bursting-heart, Wahoo.

super cool fitness motivation and workout blog

We all have excuses! The key is to be stronger than them! Do push that excuse beside and get your workout done! Who is ignoring all their excuses today and getting their workout in?

HAHA I feel this way sometimes

Sometimes I cant figure out if Im in preschool or high school.this is funny, but doesn't work for me.I work at a preschool.and sometimes a high school.