Christmas party idea: Divide your guests into groups, and have them write down as much of Twas the Night Before Christmas they can will be entertained by the variations when they read them outloud

Blue Queensland healer.

Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler giving his best puppy eyes so you won't mind he stole your chair!

Miracle on 34th St. - Natalie Wood & Edmund Gwenn 1947. A must watch every Christmas.

"The Miracle On Street" - Natalie Wood & Edmund Gwenn, 1947 - one of my favorite classic Christmas movies ever!

Star of Bethlehem

The wise men came from Babylon, knowing the scriptures of which they had the previous teachings of Daniel dating back to They had waited for this time and seek the King of Kings, Jesus, the Christ child, savior of the world.


"I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus." ~Vintage Christmas illustration by Joseph Christian Leyendecker.

West Australian Christmas Tree... know its nearly Christmas when these start to flower... lush

Nuytsia floribunda is a hemiparasitic plant found in Western Australia. The species is known locally as the Christmas tree, displaying bright orange flowers during the Christmas season.

Australian Cattle Dog - Bringin' in the Tree

Australian Cattle Dog Christmas Holiday Cards are 8 x 5 and come in packages of 12 cards. One design per package. All designs include envelopes, your personal message, and choice of greeting.

Australian Christmas beetle- i get heaps of these and the dog eats them also they stick to your shirt and feel prickly but i love them :)

Centre for Fortean Zoology Australia: A Christmas (Beetle). It never really feels like Christmas until you have a few of these buzzing on the fly screens. They are the true sign that Christmas is just around the corner.