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a christmas tree surrounded by snowflakes and reindeers
'Green Woods' Art Print - Amanda Shufflebotham |
Art Print: Green Woods by Amanda Shufflebotham : 12x12in
a green and white christmas tree with birds on it, surrounded by leaves and flowers
Christmas Tree holiday greeting card, blank inside
Christmas Tree holiday greeting card, blank inside
an abstract painting with many different colors and designs on it's surface, including circles
Events | Berry Quilt & Co.
Another chance to learn the traditional Japanese mending technique Boro from Jennifer Corkish. This class focusses on how to lay out your fabrics and types of threads and needles to use to make this heavily stitched, very textured fabric. A one day class, you will prepare and begin to stitch a sample piece of Boro … Continue reading Jennifer Corkish – Boro Techniques
a close up of a piece of fabric on a table
small stitch hex (2)
small stitch hex (2) by clarabellacraft, via Flickr - hexies & running stitch - two of my favourite things!
an abstract piece of cloth with different colors
Waiting = stitching (Jennifer Coyne Qudeen)
I kinda see these as like buildings in new york city at night lights
three pieces of cloth sitting on top of a wooden floor
Mending Jeans and Garments with Sashiko - Upcycle Stitches
Mending Jeans and Garments with Sashiko | Upcycle Stitches
an abstract black and white pattern with red dots
The Circle of Life
I have been stitching round and round in circles Inspired by a couple .... ....of pages in my sketchbook. Rhythmic ...
an old pair of jeans that have been torn off and are sitting next to each other
thatkindofwoman >> bleu-indigo: textures et superpositions
a close up view of an old quilt with many different colors and designs on it
Raw stitching
This is my style of Boro- Japanese mending stitching, some found small pieces of fabric purchased years ago in Aeldaide, a little sashiko...
the table is covered with black cloths and white stitching on them, which are arranged in squares
sashiko embroidery on denim
sashiko embroidery on denim | This sashiko is on recycled de… | Flickr
a piece of cloth with some green thread on it and four different colored squares in the middle
Make Your Own Stitched Mixed Media Mini-Journal
In this week's session of the Creative Stitch Alchemy Mini-Course Mini-Course which has the theme "Unfolding" we're stitching the last page of the mini-journal. The last page of the mini-journal is where the story ends, and the ending is always a time for looking back and reflecting on the journey. I always like to