When you don't have a picture or plan for where you are going, you get lost in the trees and risk never seeing the forest.
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Theme of the Week: Clarity
Clarity is not found through intellect But experienced in stillness.: Life is less about finding clarity and more about just being clear.
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Quote | Affirm for a better life
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a close up of a white flower with a quote on the bottom that says, clarify mom when the mind is free from fear and egg
Theme of the Week: Clarity
Clarity (noun): When the mind is free from fear and ego. Clarity doesn’t mean you’ve figured it all out. It simply means the mind is unclouded by unnecessary thoughts, making room for wisdom.
the sun is setting over mountains with a quote on it that reads, clarify means attention to something without contrancing it
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One word 2012—Clarity - The Idea Room
Clarity--One Word for 2012 via Amy Huntley (The Idea Room) Wow. This is the key for mothers.