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Cliff Pickover on Twitter: "Quadrilaterals on parade."

Cliff Pickover on Twitter: "Quadrilaterals on parade."

Twitter / plugusin: Here's my notes from ...

This is a fantastic quote about the 'indefinite' nature of inquiry. I have read variations of this quote in several documents. I have selected this image as the board's cover picture to summarise the whole idea of inquiry learning.

Twitter / sjunkins: A 21st Century Learner. ...

These are some skills that a Century learner should have. A teacher's job would be to help all students practice and emphasize these skills to become a critical learner and citizen for the future in our society!

Math Taboo to practice vocabulary - example for middle school, but .doc template provided to create your own - FREE!

Math Taboo to practice vocabulary - I LOVE this idea. Students have to describe their vocabulary word without saying any of the "taboo" words listed on their card. Anytime you can turn learning into a familiar game.

Greek Letters With Text Choice Sorority/Fraternity by gotdecalz.

Important to learn so you know all your Greek brothers and sisters chapters names. Patterns, rhymes, and songs help with memory!