Eucalyptus flower Aussie)

Eucalyptus flower/ Corymbia ficifolia or the red flowering gum also known as Albany red flowering gum (previously known as Eucalyptus ficifolia) is one of the most commonly planted ornamental trees in the broader eucalyptus family.

Silver Princess (Eucalyptus leucoxylon). Strange name for a tree with a crimson flower!

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Cypripedium fargesii orchid is very rare with a scattered and restricted distribution in south Gansu, west Sichuan, west Hubei and north Chong, China.

☀Koala - Barwon Heads Wildlife Sanctuary - Victoria - Australia*

In the southern parts of Australia a Koala’s fur is longer and shaggier than in the north, in order to keep them warm in the cold southern winters.

Callistemon citrinus, Australia

Callistemon citrinus 'Endeavour' - Bottlebrushes (botanically belonging to the genus Callistemon) are among the most popular and colourful Australian native flowering plants both in Australia and overseas.

EUCALYPTUS caesia ssp mangna. Native to Western Australia, best known Mallee eucalypts only occurring in a restricted area in south Western Australia on a small number of granite outcrops. Attractive tree with pendulous branches that is known in cultivation as ‘Silver Princess’. The flowers are large (up to 50 mm) and normally pink to red but white flowered plants are known. Flowering occurs in winter and spring and is followed by large, silver urn-shaped gumnuts about 30 mm in diameter.

Silver Princess (E caesia ssp mangna) Native to WA only in an area in Sth on a small number of granite outcrops. Attractive tree with pendulous branches.


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