marilyn - REAL and NATURAL beauty, no plastic surgery, no photo shopping, not a stick figure. She was a true beauty icon.

Marilyn. June 1, 1926- August 5, 1962. RIP

Marilyn during wardrobe test for her uncompleted film "Something's Got to Give" in 1962 about 3 months before her death

Marilyn Monroe at the Canadian Rockies, 1953

alwaysmarilynmonroe: “ Marilyn photographed by John Vachon during location shooting for River Of No Return in August ”

Norma Jeane

The most beautiful women in the word. The models now days have nothing on her. The sad thing is she struggled with the way she looked and women today love the way she looks

marilyn anjali mudra

so pretty! No, my daughter was not named after her, but I do think she is a classic beauty and style icon.and of course I love her name.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on set of The Misfits 1960


in an airport waiting room during a press conference in Los Angeles, CA, 1956

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