'Who sank the boat?' story table

'Who sank the boat?

retell - who sank the boat - beginning, middle, end

Easy and fun way to see if children can remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end of a story. Possibly use at the beginning of the year then move to children writing what happened rather then drawing it.

BDK Community: Who sank the boat?  LOVE THIS!

BDK Community: Who sank the boat? LOVE THIS!

Can you design a boat to hold all the animals? (Goes with book Who Sank the Boat?)

Pondering Preschool: Who sank the boat?

sqworl | Pamela Allen - Who sank the boat

Easy and clean visual bookmarking for educators.

The Woodlands Hub: Australian Curriculum English - Foundation Level - Learning Sequence based on Pamela Allen's Who Sank The Boat?

An amazing collection of English activities for a all ages and planning ideas.

Who Sank the Boat? - Pamela Allen I [FUNCTION - How does it work?]

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Our first Who Sank The Boat? is a great literature selection for both Kindergarten reading and science skills. For our summer session we are going to be exploring the science concept of floating and sinking. If you would like to try a fun, “wet” unit this summer, these printables may be for you! For each unit I will be including Kindergarten math standards. I created a number recognition game - recognizing numbers 11-20. I have included a “Go Fish” game to practice this concept.

Who Sank The Boat Literature Study for Kindergarten- Free Printables!

Prep M Blog - Who Sank the Boat? retell planner to print and small world play to create

who sank the boat, retell

Act it out-make a block boat-and children are animals :-) or do as a flannel story

Who sank the Boat