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Haha!! This episode was too much

This episode was too much. Two of my favorites in one: David Tennant (the one and only Doctor) and David Morrissey (the Governor from The Walking Dead)

Rory, what are you not telling us?

"The Doctor's spunky gay friend." "Jeffrey" and "A DRUG DEALER"? Rory is adorable and innocent and you go and call him a drug dealer?

Peter Capaldi = Doctor Hoo; OMG guys is this going to be like Sherlock/Otter and Watson/Hedgehog ?!

It seems every BBC guy gets an animal- (Sherlock otter, Watson hedgehog, etc). I fully support owl Capaldi.>>>>>his name isn't doctor who but doctor hoo is still funny

Welcome to Doctor Who

The Doctor: Mels? Amy: Yeah, I named my daughter after her. The Doctor: You named your daughter after your daughter. Welcome to Moffat's Doctor Who, everyone. Enjoy your stay.

Peter's first read-through.<< Awww!!! I love him already!<< welcome to the Whoniverse Mister Capaldi<<awwww! He's so happy!!!

Peter's first read-through.<< welcome to the Whoniverse Mister Capaldi<<awwww! He's so happy!<<Guys, the door in the background looks like the Tardis door!