Mini nutella cups make with peanut butter cookies, yumm

Mini nutella cups make with peanut butter cookies, yumm. I wud u Reese cups instead of nutella

Gluten Free Flat Bread - A delicious alternative to pita bread!

Gluten Free Flat Bread

Thermomix Sausage Rolls - so simple and yet so yummy! #thermomix

Homemade Sausage Rolls

Thermomix Sausage Rolls - simple and yummy! Recipe with & without Thermomix - Bake Play Smile

Thermomix Mini quiches (for proportions) - can eat hot or cold & can freeze for later. Best fresh out of the oven!

Thermomix Puff Party Quiches

Thermo mini quiches - I used two eggs and substitute some bacon for carrot

Hidden Vegetable Meals and Tips for Children (and husbands!) - The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer

After ten years+ working in child care as well as five and three year old boys I know how strongly some children feel about not eating vegetables.

Sweet potato, rice, cheese & lentil balls. Perfect for independent toddlers

Sweet potato, lentil & rice balls 1 cup roasted sweet potato 1 cup cooked brown rice (or white rice is ok, too) cup grated cheese c.

Vegie dots - bake in the oven vegetarian nuggets of goodness.

Tired parents and stuffing vegetables into vuvuzela « Vegie Smugglers

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