Domestic Diva: Lasagne – My Big Batch Failsafe Version with pizza garlic bread.

Domestic Diva: Big Batch Failsafe Lasagne with pizza garlic bread

Quirky Cooking: Rice-Almond Milk

Nut butter + Dairy Substitutes - Quirky Cooking Seems to have worked in under 2 mins with non-organic coconut (this time I used grocery store finely desiccated coconut)

Domestic Diva: Lemon Tempura Chicken. Failsafe recipe - Claytons "Lemon".

Domestic Diva: Lemon Tempura Chicken. Failsafe recipe - Claytons "Lemon".

Rice Cake Popcorn

Domestic Diva: Rice Cake Popcorn, a suitable alternative if you can't have corn.

REAL MEALS: Real Deli Chicken

Real Deli Chicken The internet community is amazing, isn& it? I have been a part of special interest forums (infertility, breastfeed.

While flicking through my Thermomix cook books for inspiration, I discovered that the Chicken Cacciatore recipe in the Meat on the Menu cookbook cooked the chicken drumsticks in the Thermomix bowl! I was fascinated, surly they would be ripped to pieces, even if cooked on reverse. I just had to try cooking them this way. [...]

Domestic Diva - Chicken Drumsticks with Pear and Celery Marinade with Rice

The World’s Best Carob Brownie -Not Kidding!

Worlds Best Carob Brownies! I'm not kidding, I always turn to this recipe :) Gluten-Free with dairy-free alternative; failsafe and FODMAP/fructose-friendly!

Sweet Little Pretties: Thermomix Caramel Popcorn

A little guilty treat that is oh so yum! Thermomix Caramel Popcorn Ingredients Unsalted Butter, cubed White Sugar Golden Syrup Bag of Microwave Popcorn Method Combine Butter, Sugar and Golden Syrup into the Thermomix Bowl on 70 degrees Speed 3 for